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Wedding planner/coordinator and venue coordinator -their wedding roles explained

Hello sweet brides! This is part 1 in our series-"wedding planning questions 101." Stay tuned for more posts as we all prepare for an exciting 2018 wedding season

January and February are THE busiest months for engaged brides as they begin the wedding planning process. One of the most frequent questions we get is " what is the difference between a venue coordinator and a wedding planner or coordinator?"

We hope this blog post helps explain how these two very valuable people work together on your wedding day to ensure it is worry free.We have divided this into areas of responsibility so you can easily see the difference..

Every venue is different with the services provided. Some offer full set up, others are do it your self. Your wedding planner /coordinator is invaluable if your setting does not have a coordinator (a home wedding of example)or offer set up.

All of the lovely photos of Auburn, Alabama brides and wedding venues in this post are by Lauren Bailey Photography.

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Venue Coordinator- They are responsible for everything that specifically deals with the venue. linens, food, etc. If the venue provides catering, their focus is to manage their staff. They may set up tables and chairs .

Wedding Planner- We are responsible for everything that comes with your venue AND making sure that your vendors bring what you have ordered and know where and when they’re supposed to be. If you have ordered chairs, tables, tent, lighting etc, we will over see the delivery and set up of those.

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Venue Coordinator- The venue coordinator will most-likely provide a list of preferred vendors and that’s the extent of their involvement with the vendors.

Wedding Planner - Your wedding planner or coordinator are the main point of contact between you and your vendors. If a vendor is lost or running late or is having an emergency, they’ll contact your wedding planner who will then put out the fire. Your wedding planner / coordinator gives recommendations based on vendors they’ve worked with and may review vendor contracts for you.

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Venue Coordinator- Venues that provide catering have a timeline for their catering staff that centers around the food service and preparation. Venues that do not cater , do not offer timelines for the wedding day.

Wedding Planner - The wedding planner/coordiantor timeline details all aspects of the day from the time that the bride wakes up to the moment that the doors close. As a wedding planner, the timeline includes arrival times for bridal party , vendors, when the photos will be taken, what songs will be played for each dance, when the cake will be cut and when and where the sparkler send-off will be..


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Venue Coordinator - You are sharing your venue coordinator with many other brides, clients and possibly employees . This may mean delayed responses to phone calls and emails. This also means that you have to try to catch them during business hours.

Wedding Planner – Fortunately most wedding planners are available almost 24/7. Of course there are exceptions but if you’re having an emergency, you can pick up the phone and send a quick text um maybe shopping for a dozen umbrellas..

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Venue Coordinator – They usually offer suggestions for guest traffic flow and floor plan .

Wedding Planner – They’ll design your ceremony and reception. They assist with your colors, linens, flowers, table set-up and design and so on.

If you cant consider a full service wedding planner ,we believe every bride should at least consider the assistance of wedding "concierge" coordinator to direct your decisions of vendor choices, pull all of your decisions into a nice overall look and be there to make sure that is achieved alongside the venue coordinator.

We offer three options to achieve this along with our floral design. We want your day to be not only wonderful but worry free.

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