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Flower Confections- Alabama wedding cake favorites from a "sweet loving" florist

We are always thrilled that Alabama brides want flowers for the cake table.Every florist (at least that we know!) would agree that fresh flowers add the special touch to wedding cake. One tip - to capture your indoor cake in the "best light" sight next to a window if possible and in front of a lovely backdrop.

Added to the top, as a base or backdrop to the table, flowers are the jewelry to your wedding day. They add not only color but texture fragrance , romance and tie all the decor elements together.

Here are a few of our favorites...from naked to fully dresses, they all have floral "jewelry" and were as delicious as they look!

credits in order-

Lauren Bailey Photography- photo 1

Sarah Mesa Photography- photo 2, 3

Our Labor of Love - photo 4

Heather Durham Photograhy - photo 5, 6

Candace Nelson photography - photo 7, 8

Simply Sarah photography - photo 9, 10

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