Rachel and Johnny- " stars fell on Alabama " wedding- sweet julep photography

 The words to this  old jazz tune immediately came in my head when I saw the photos of these classic couple dancing under twinkly lights for their  timeless Alabama wedding day- 


"We lived our little drama
We kissed in a field of white
And stars fell on Alabama
Last night

I can't forget the glamor
Your eyes held a tender light
While stars fell on Alabama
Last night

I never planned in my imagination
A situation so heavenly
A fairy land where no one else could enter
And in the center just you and me

My heart beat like a hammer
My arms wound around you tight
And stars fell on Alabama
Last night"


Everything about this Autumn wedding day was so perfect but the love between these two sweet souls was the best part. Rachel planned such an artistically  beautiful day, full of delightful details, fun loving friends and magical moments. Alabama's  historic  Camp McDowell's timeless Accension chapel and charming Hal Hall were the perfect settings for her effortlessly elegant , classic  wedding style. We were thrilled to flower  and forage at this  Alabama legacy location  and are in love with the fine art images from Sweet Julep Photography.



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