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What is this new loose, wild bouquet style? everything old is new again with weddings and flowers -P

Ahhh, we love this question because it is the how and why do this wedding thing we love so much. While growing up in small Alabama town, I always loved to gather flowers into loose and natural arrangements and this translated into my wedding designs. Here I am with one of my foraged wild arbors waiting on a about 20 years ago.

When I began my wedding floral planning business in 2010, I searched for florists who had a similar style so I could learn and improve . I discovered the look I love in the classic British "garden style "flower designer Constance Spry .

and then located an amazing floral designer named Holly Chapple

of Virginia. Holly's "gathered and styled" "flowers instantly became my inspiration and goal for my business. In 2014 I learned she mentored a group of flower lovers called the Chapel Designers and joined. I am so thankful for this woman and her group and her dedication to the floral industry .

So this flower style is traditional and timeless , gathered and styled, English garden flowers !

And I have do know that this style I love so much is not a trend but is a classic style and that goes in and out of popularity. Here it is in the 1600's as a painting.

This style is trending as large wedding bouquets now but that isn't new either.

I love the movement and natural feeling of this look and feel it conveys an organic and relaxed feeling at a wedding...even a formal wedding- here is proof..

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