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Spring Pavillion Wedding at Auburns Moores Mill Club venue~Haint Blue Collective Photography

March is such a beautiful month for wedding planning in Auburn and throughout the South. Trees are blooming ( we used cut dogwood blooms in all of the florals ), the evenings are cool and crisp. Lauren and Sam's beautifully planned wedding day was so perfect, with gorgeous bridesmaids in shades of blue and gray and all white wedding bouquets bundled with ribbon streamers in all the wedding colors. After exchanging wedding vows at a traditional southern Auburn United Methodist Church wedding ceremony, the bride and groom were driven by vintage car to their fabulous reception. The couple and bridal party danced the night away at Moores Mill Club Pavillion, one of our favorite Auburn wedding venues where the brides wedding vision of a flowered bridal party table, lush fireplace backdrop for sweets and white dance floor brought the club pavillion to life. We were thrilled to see this gorgeous day featured in the pages of East Alabama Living Magazines Wedding Issue.

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